Swinford Tri Sports Triathlon is Fast Approaching

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Swinford Tri Sports - Humbert Triathlon

Swinford Humbert Triathlon

On Sunday the 27th July, Swinford Tri Sports will host the Humbert Triathlon. It is an olympic standard triathlon which will replace the Half Iron Challenge that took place every year since 2009. It entails a 1500m swim across beautiful  Callow lake, followed by a 40k cycle through scenic Pontoon and covers  much of the same route used in the Half Iron Challenge without having to climb the energy sapping Windy Gap and the race will finish with a 10km run over a flat stretch around the town of Swinford.  The event will finish at Swinford Amenity Park.

Swinford Tri Sports were formed in 2009 as a non-profit club whose main aim is to promote sporting activities in the Swinford area and neighbouring towns and they are doing a great job. The event has been over-subscribed every year, with people travelling from all over Ireland, Northern Ireland and England to take part.  Their website www.swinfordtrisports.com contains details of how to register.

Best of luck to everyone taking part and enjoy the event.


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