Swinford Tri Sports

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  • Swinford Tri Sports was formed in 2009 and each year hosts the Humbert Challenge Triathlon which is attended by people from all over Ireland and overseas. Visit Swinford.ie for more information.

Swinford Tri Sports, Cloongulane, Swinford


Louis Walsh – Chairperson

Tel: 087 6741191

Email: Louiswalsh54@yahoo.co.uk

About Swinford Tri Sports:

The club was formed in 2009 and since then has grown from strength to strength. At the present time we have one outing each Sunday morning which departs from Corrib Oil at 9:30am and we run a spinning class each Monday at 8pm in the Swinford Community Centre. We also do a run every Wednesday at 8pm from the amenity park in Swinford.

Each year the club runs THE HUMBERT CHALLENGE TRIATHLON in Swinford which is attended by people from all over Ireland and overseas.

Our Aims:

The main aim of Swinford Tri Sports is to promote sport activities in the Swinford area with a special emphasis in attracting new members.

Committee Members:

Chairperson: Louis Walsh

Secretary: Marie Fallon

Treasurer: Tommy Moore

Are You Interested In Joining?

If you want an activity which is sociable, enjoyable and good for mind and body then why not join us and be part of the fastest growing sport in the world.

For further information:

Please email: Louiswalsh54@yahoo.co.uk or you can follow The Humbert Challenge on Facebook.


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