Swinford Cycling Club

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Swinford Cycling Club, Carracanada, Swinford


Padraic Frain – Club Secretary

Tel: 086 8613068

Email: padraicfrain@gmail.com

About Us:

The club was formed in 2005 and since then has grown from strength to strength. At the present time we have approximately 40 members and currently we have one outing each Sunday morning which departs from Corrib Oil at 9:30am. The routes vary so that we can accommodate all categories, from beginner right up to the more experienced bike rider.

During the summer we have a number of activities during the week which again cater for all competencies. Some of the events include leisure challenges, non competitive time trials and team time trials.

Our Aims:

The main aim of Swinford Cycling Club is to promote cycling activities in the Swinford area with a special emphasis in attracting new members.

The health benefits of cycling include:
• Increased cardiovascular fitness
• Increased muscle strength and flexibility
• Improved joint mobility
• Decreased stress levels
• Improved posture and coordination
• Strengthened bones
• Decreased body fat levels
• Prevention or management of disease

Committee Members:

Chairperson: Brendan Fallon

Secretary: Padraic Frain

Treasurer: Sean Tuffy

Are You Interested In Joining?

If you want an activity which is sociable, enjoyable and good for mind and body, why not get on your bike, start pedalling and give it a tryout with the Swinford Cycling Club on our Sunday morning outings.

For further information:

Please email: padraicfrain@gmail.com or you can follow the Swinford Cycling Club on Facebook.


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