Swinford Drama Group

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Swinford Drama Group, Derryronane, Swinford


Mr Pat Moore – Chairman

Tel: 087 1330515

Ms Gerty McNulty – Secretary

Tel: 087 6569782

Ms. Nancy Price – PRO

About Swinford Drama Group:

Currently the group of local amateur actors and actresses are busy rehearsing “The Two Loves of Gabriel Foley” by Jimmy Keary under the guidance of director Michael Rice and Producer Pat Moore.

The play will be staged in various venues in the Spring of 2017.

The group arecurrently rehearsing in the Courthouse every Tuesday and Thursday nights.


Our Aims:

We have also formed a new writers’ group which will be launched in May. The group will extend an open and friendly welcome to all who have ever considered joining a creative writers’ group.

Committee Members:

Chairman: Mr Pat Moore

Secretary: Ms Gerty McNulty

Treasurer: Mr Andy Madden

PRO: Ms Nancy Price

Are You Interested In Joining?

If you have any queries about becoming a member of Swinford Drama Group and / or taking part in any future drama or variety productions

Please contact:

Chairman – Mr Pat Moore Tel: 087 1330515 or

Secretary – Ms Gerty McNulty Tel: 087 6569782



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