Swinford 250 Years & More- Official Launch

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 Swinford celebrates 250 years with a year-long calendar of festivities – come and be a part of it!


Drenched in history Swinford has a rich cultural heritage dating back to 1769 and beyond.  This year, in a year-long celebration of its history as a bustling market town in the heart of East Mayo, the people of Swinford are throwing open their arms and inviting anyone with a connection to the town and county to visit and participate in “Swinford 250 & More”. The official launch of Swinford 250 & More, hosted by Angelina Nugent, will take place on Thursday 14th March  from 7-9pm in the Gateway Hotel,

‘Swinford 250 & More’ was the brainchild of the Swinford community, which enthusiastically has come together to develop, not just a single event but a series of celebrations of Swinford’s rich cultural story taking place throughout 2019. The programme is varied and diverse. There are family reunions, clan gatherings, sports fixtures, conferences, music festivals, craft and interactive historical events, all with a unique and vibrant Swinford flavour.

Chairman of the ‘Swinford 250 & More’ Committee, Cathal Kelly, said; “ 2019 is an opportunity for Swinford people to celebrate, remember, commemorate and leave a legacy.  Everyone Past Present and Future has something to offer.  Let’s make it a major moment of civic pride and a brilliant recognition of everything we love about Swinford and our fantastic community.  Be a part of Swinford 250 & More.”

The initiative is primarily directed at the Irish diaspora worldwide and those with links to the town and county, with the hope of encouraging them to reconnect with the town.  The organisers are also eager to enhance the experience of tourists and other visitors to the Swinford region by giving them opportunities to enjoy Swinford’s hospitality and partake in events.

Swinford has traditionally been the gateway to North Mayo. By channelling Swinford’s proud cultural and musical heritage it is hoped that the ‘Swinford 250 & More’ initiative will bring economic revenue into the town, commemorating historical connections, forging new ones and creating a reason for visitors to return to the town in future years.

More information on the year-long programme can be found on the Swinford 250 & More Facebook page or www.Swinford.ie/250.

Author: John Dunne

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