Don’t Be A Fool, Pick Up That Stool

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It may be April Fools Day but this is no joke! People not picking up their dog litter is becoming a major issue in Swinford and in every other town.

To combat this a local group have decided to install hidden cameras in various hot spots around the town and its walkways. The group will not issue fines but it will publish a list of offenders in the local paper once a year.

The chairperson of the group said “Swinford has amazing amenities which include a number of beautiful walks that are enjoyed by 100’s of people every day but the issue of dog litter not being picked up by some dog owners is becoming a major problem. We all love dogs and the majority of dog owners pick up their dogs litter but it’s the few who are ruining it for everyone. This may seem like drastic action but something needs to be done to deliver the message to dog owners who don’t scoop their dogs poop.”

The initiative will go live today and any offenders will be notified before their names are published.

Author: Swinford

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