New Innovative Business Launched In Swinford

You are welcome to share this on: is delighted to announce the launch of a brand new business in Swinford: “Cash for Curls” – You shave it, We savour it!

This is a new business concept that literally pays you cash for the hair on your head when it is cut which they then use for filling for duvets, pillows and interior insulation.

John O’Heir, a Swinford native and founder of Cash For Curls said “The launch of this business was brought forward due to the Corona Virus. With barber shops and hair dressers closed, people have a great opportunity to make an extra few euros when this is all over. Just collect up all your hair in a refuse bag, bring it into us and we will weigh it and pay you in cash based on the weight.”

Ginger Hair

Ginger Hair is in demand!

Cash for Curls will also pay a premium for Ginger Hair. O’Heir said “by accident we discovered that there is a massive market amongst the Diaspora for Locks of Ginger Hair and this side of the business has already taken off. So If you know anyone with Ginger hair please tell them to get in touch.”

The shop will open on Main St, Swinford as soon as the restrictions are lifted. Don’t forget to collect up all your hair and best of luck to John for this really innovative idea.  You can email John on if you have any queries.

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