Mission Statement

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Mission Statement


The mission of Swinford.ie is to be the central information platform for Swinford town and community. Swinford.ie will connect and represent we, the people, the community clubs and organisations and the businesses who all strive to create a vibrant prosperous town and community because together, we make it what it is…


Who are we?

we the people make Swinford what it is

We are the People of Swinford town and community. We are a population of 2622 people (Census, 2011) who welcome visitors and tourists to our town. We support our local businesses by buying their products and services and we are members, volunteers and part of our local community clubs and organisations.





We are the Community Clubs and Organisations who enhance Swinford town and community by providing facilities, organising activities and running events. We are supported by the businesses of Swinford and the people are our members and volunteers.





We are the Businesses of Swinford town and community. We offer products and services to meet the needs of the people of Swinford and beyond. We provide employment in the community, we participate in and support local community clubs and organisations and we welcome visitors and tourists to the area.



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