Unregulated parking in Swinford affecting the future of the Town

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Mayo County Council will be holding a Swinford 'Re-Focused'discussion forum on Wednesday 21st January in the Cultural Centre, Swinford from 5:30pm to 7pm.


The issue of unregulated and flagrant abuse of parking in Swinford has been raised on numerous occasions over the years.  Unless the problem is addressed, the likelihood is that businesses will shut up shop with the closures having a poisonous effect on the economic viability of other outlets and ultimately the town.


Would be customers of any business will not support the particular outlet if there is no parking spaces available.  Unfortunately the greater majority of miscreants are those directly connected with a large number of individual business premises.


The owners/managers of a large number of established retail and commercial units are hoping that by using the forum of the excellent website Swinford.ie and social media sites like Facebook , Twitter etc, , those responsible will realise the problems they are causing and what they can do to help the town and ultimately  use the off street car parking for the future.  Every employer and every employee can do their part to make Swinford a better place to shop.


As the Christmas Shopping Bonanza is now in full swing, the time is now to address the current situation and ensure the future prosperity and indeed the survival of the town of Swinford

Author: Swinford Admin

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